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A little over two years ago, Benjamin James Atkinson accepted the challenging task of not only standing in front of us and waggling a stick, but looking at us while we didn’t always look back at him. The poor guy! With as much effort as he’s put into Cross Keys Silver Band, he’s also put into countless other musical ensembles and his contest day wardrobe choices. We really aren’t sure where he found the time for us, but we are certainly glad that he did.

Benny celebrating his first experience of the top three with the band at Merthyr.
Benny celebrating his first experience of the top three with the band.

After almost being forced to leave South Wales due to the ever increasing costs further education, the time has come for our suave musical director to move home, to pastures new and see what other #Exciting things the world has to offer him.

Benjamin James Atkinson | Results with Cross Keys Silver Band

While the  eight contest results that the band received under Ben’s lead were sometimes less than favourable and a bit of a rollercoaster, including one disqualification, his enthusiasm towards music, conducting, learning, teaching and inspiring us never dipped.

Date Contest Position
7th May 2016 SEWBBA (Merthyr Tydfil) Contest (Second Section) 8
19th Mar 2016 Welsh Area (Third Section) D
21st Nov 2015 SEWBBA (Merthyr Tydfil) Contest (Second Section) W
3rd Oct 2015 West Wales BBA Festival Contest (Second Section) 7
12th Sep 2015 Miners’ Welfare Entertainment Contest 5
16th May 2015 SEWBBA (Merthyr Tydfil) Contest (Second Section) 3
21st Mar 2015 Welsh Area (Third Section) 6
22nd Nov 2014 SEWBBA (Blaenavon) Contest (Second Section) 7
4th Oct 2014 West Wales BBA Festival Contest (Second Section) 6

Despite the result, the Miners’ Welfare Entertainment contest in Newbridge Memorial Hall was a highlight where the band performed The Dragon Sandwich, a concoction of music selected by Ben and wedged between two pieces of Dragon as the bread. The last being The Dawn Will Come from the computer game, Dragon Age : Inquisition; composed by Trevor Morris and arranged by our Principal Cornet player, Ellis Davies.

We’d like to thank Ben for his dedication to the band over the past 2 years and wish him all the best in the future. I’m sure that he’d be welcome back at any time, cravat or not, for a guest appearance or as a soloist with one of his multiple musical talents… except the Trumpet.

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