Conductors Comments : Welsh Regional Finals : Swansea 2015

Despite the early start, 8am on Saturday morning forms Crosskeys Band raring to go. After a period of intense focus with some stunning sounds over the last few weeks, the whole team seemed to be bizarrely excited to be waking up at half-five to get their cars, trains, and coracles in order to head up to the bandroom for an early practice. The band had had a few hairy moments leading-up to this contest, but despite all the mishaps the band’s hard work, both in and out of the bandroom, as well as their best efforts to fill a few final empty seats, brought us all together for this day of music-ing.
Despite the early start the day seemed to progress well, with the band delivering a solid performance in the Brangwyn hall, which had been described as ‘rich in contrast’. I feel with all of the difficulties running up to this contest that I need to thank everyone for all the effort that went in. It’s tough to give it 100% when you’re not even sure if you’ll make it onto the stage, but the team did good. Thankyou all.


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