Passing Probation Period

We are happy to announce that the band have welcomed our new Musical Director as part of the full time Cross Keys Band family. The decision was made during Tuesday’s rehearsal when the band voted in a landslide victory to keep our new MD.

Benjamin Atkinson has seen potential in the band over the last four months and is going through great measures to help us help ourselves. 6th position out of 8 bands at Saturday’s contest in Fishguard is a small step in the right direction, away from the last places of late.

With improvements in mind, the band are now aiming for the Merthyr Contest on the November 22nd. Just to add to the excitement and hard work, we’re not forgetting that we’re playing at this years Remembrance concert in Risca too.

Congratulations Benny! We hope that we continue to improve under the direction of your home made baton.

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