Conductors Comments : Festival Contest, Fishguard. 4/10/14

First things first, congratulations all on a good show this weekend. We have plenty to be proud of and plenty to get our teeth into between now and Merthyr. These things never go perfectly, but I felt it went about as well as it was going to go.

As this was not only my first contest at the helm of Crosskeys Silver Band but also my first as conductor of any band, it is a great comfort to be surrounded by a group of people who are as enthusiastic and committed as I could wish for. Thank you all.

As well as the adjudicator’s remarks we have feedback from other audience members that we can work into the plan, one audience member said that our performance was one of the most detailed he heard, high praise indeed.

I hope to use this bit of success as a springboard to our next few outings.

Good job team, aiming for fifth place in Merthyr…

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