Adjudication : Festival Contest, Fishguard. 4/10/14

Test Piece: A Salford Sinfonietta

Adjudicator: David Roberts
Draw: 2
Points: 177
Position: 6 (of 8)

Movement I
Nice Start, then a touch flat in trombone. Solo horn does well. Trom mutes rub and a few nerves perhaps to A. Try to be confident, I am on your side.
Movement II
Good bass sound to C, horns are nicely together to lento, a few nerves again but sop does well to D. Good dynamics and tempo from MD noted. Harmons well balanced. Not together to E. Well balanced end on the clash, well done for that.

Movement III
Intonation to start last movement. B could take more euph/bari. D wrong rhythm in trombone, in twos at first then settles. A touch more accents for rhythm into G. Nice close.

Good tempos throughout from MD. A few nerves and uneasy moments but a good choice of piece.

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