Retirement Plans Revealed

In the past week our Musical Director, Kerry Bowden, has announced his plan to retire after this years Merthyr Tydfil contest. After spending the last 18 years with Cross Keys, and playing for and conducting for different bands for many years before that, he has felt that it’s time to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life,

such as listening to brass bands, telling stories of his times during the war, and wine.

I hope you all weren’t too upset at my announcement to you on Tuesday evening, but I think it was only right to let you know my feelings, so that you can now set the ball in motion, and find my successor, although I do have my favourite candidate, but as I feel it would be wrong for me to interfere,I won’t be taking part in the process, though, if I think that a person would be totally wrong , I think after eighteen years at the helm, I would like the right to advise against anyone who wasn’t suited!
As for those eighteen years, they have been some of the most memorable of my life, and I have made so many friends, (No enemies I don’t think) some of whom have become close friends, and I really am proud of that. Musically, we have achieved so much together, five National Finals, a National Eistedfordd title, a load of contest successess, concerts, but socially, with our camping weekends, great fun, so pleaser carry it on!
As for the future, I’m sure you’ll do very well, as long as you keep the flame burning brightly.
My gratitude and very best wishes to you all!

It surely will be an emotional day at the Merthyr Contest and the band is sure to put on a good show as we wish Kerry the all the best in his retirement. As much as he’ll be missed by all, except maybe the basses, it’s almost certain that he wont be a stranger at banding events.

We still however have a lot of hard work ahead of us, under the guidance of his baton leading up to that date.

This leaves us with the difficult challenge of recruiting a new Musical Director to lead the band on to future glories. If you are interested in taking the position, please contact us.

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