Conductors Comments : 2013

When looking back at 2013, the only conclusion we can take is one of success! It started with our usual January booking to play at the Pontypool Branch’s Royal Welsh old Comrades Association ‘Rorke’s Drift’ Dinner, with a strong core of the band, and a bit of help some perennial friends, we once again gave a performance which not only added to the enjoyment of those who participated in the reunion, but cemented our popularity with this organisation. We also, at the request of the Rogerstone Band, joined into a partnership with them, to allow them, and us to complete our summer seasons, and both benefit financially. One of the greatest benefits of this for us, is that we made many friends from the Rogerstone Band, which has meant we have been able to compete in all of our planned contests’ with their help, but also to complete our own series of engagements. On that note, I would like to thank a few people, without whose help we wouldn’t have been able to complete our contest and concert season, members of the Oakdale Band, Steve Holland, Andy Watkins, Ian Browning, Leah Browning, Ian James, and especially Janet Wells, whose help and commitment has meant that we have basically competed in every contest we wanted to.

So, what of the future? Well, I’m pretty confident, I believe we can compete at the Welsh Regional’s in Llandudno, we will have to work our socks off to raise the money, but I think we can sign the players, or, we’ve got the players on our books if we can get them to turn out for us, I also believe we will complete a full contest season next year.

As is the norm at the end of the year, we have a busy diary to complete, it’s not always enjoyable, but it enable’s the Band to survive, so please put in the work despite the conditions.

To conclude, my thanks to you all for all your hard work, to all those who have made everything possible, and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, and prosperous New Year!

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