Burryport 2013 : Contest Report

Wasn’t it great to be back on the contest trail again. A bright sunny morning, travelling to Burryport on a coach, the camaraderie, the nervous tension, yes it was a good feeling. After a long delay, (How can a pre-drawn contest be delayed by so long?), and a bit of contrived controversy, the band entered the contest arena, and put on a show of which it can justifiably be proud. Everyone did their bit, and it was only tuning that really let us down, although I don’t feel it was as bad as the adjudicator, John Doyle, made out, but I thought his adjudication was one of the best I have read, every section was mentioned, and all received praise, which was deserved. I would like to congratulate, Ellis, Dave on flugel, and Gavin, who all really stood out. Yes, the result was disappointing, but you have to accept them as much as we accepted the results of a few years ago when we were experiencing a lot of success! Our fortunes will change, but we have struggled of late to recruit front-row players, which makes it difficult for the Principle cornet, who has held the band together, and lead the band well. My thanks to our borrowed players, we couldn’t have competed without them, and contributed to a fine performance, come on Blaenavon!

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