Culloden Moor Effort Next Time

After rehearsing at 12, there seemed to be a lot of time while waiting around before playing in position 7 where nerves crept in that were to affect the band’s performance.

Gareth Wood’s Culloden Moor, a less commonly heard test piece was played on the day in Ebbw Vale. Nerves were apparent in the performance, and they could only be amplified by the acoustics in Ebbw Vale Leisure Centre. Adjudicator, Ian Porthouse gave a fairly accurate write up of the days events and placed us 7th out of the 8 bands that competed.

Other than the slightly disappointing result, it was also a sad day in that we loose our first trombonist, Jess Pearson. Jess has been playing for the band for some time and as we’re all sorry to see her go, we wish her all the best in her future and musical career.

We must thank the players from other bands that helped us out on the day, without you it would have been a struggle to compete. That is something that we should all look at and be proud of; we did compete. We’re still finding our feet after walking some rocky roads, but we’ll get there!

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