Conductor’s Comments : 2012 Roundup


2012 has been another of those years where we have struggled, but yet we have carried out all our engagements, kept up our enthusiasm, and our sense of humour, and we still strive to survive and prove that we are a band of proven musical ability, who are loyal to each other, and  are a truly sociable bunch of people. On the contest field, you can measure our success in two ways, firstly, we weren’t able to compete at the Welsh regional Finals in Swansea, not because the band couldn’t play the test-piece ‘Cross Patonce’, but unfortunately, we just couldn’t put enough players on stage, but our congratulations go to Llwydcoed and Goodwick who represented our section well in Cheltenham! On a brighter note, we were able to compete in Ebbw Vale and Blaenavon, and although we came last in both performances, the important thing is that, with the help of new members and friends, we were able to compete which is the most important thing. One of the most important aspects of our contesting year, is the decision of the association to change the date of the Blaenavon contest, so that a few people could travel to the North East of England to visit the Brass in Concert Contest. I’ve no objection to people wanting to experience these big contests’, but when it means that a contest date is changed to a date which was probably the most important date in the W.R.U. calendar, I totally object, these people could have travelled to Newcastle on the original date after the contest, without causing major problems to bands like ourselves, and I hope that the S.E.W.B.B.A. will take this into consideration in 2013!

So, what of the future! Well at the present, I think the future looks bright, it looks as if one or two old players may be returning, if so, we may be able to return to contesting on a more regular basis, although in a lower section nationally. With regards to local contests, at the present we are still in the 2ndsection, but if the band feels that we would be better served by going down to 3rd section locally, then we can appeal the decision, but we’ve got to do so by the 5th January!

Last Tuesday we played at Asda Caerphilly, and we had almost a full band out, if we could have this amount of commitment twice a week, every week, we wouldn’t have any problems, so as we enjoy the festive season, perhaps this is something we can reflect on. I was brought up to believe that you only get out of life what you put in, this can also apply to banding!

On that note, my thanks to you all for your continued hard work throughout the year, my special thanks Darryl, Paul, Jan and Mike Davies who I know I can rely on when on a few occasions I’m not available, and also Ellis, who really has come of age this year.

A Merry Christmas to you all, and a Happy and successful New Year!

Kerry Bowden
Musical Director

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