Blaenavon 2012

Dedication and hard work paid off on Saturday with the band managing to put on a pleasing performance of William Hines’ Confluence in Blaenavon. It seems ages since we were last competing, and it felt good to be back on the stage at the Working Mens Hall, a small enough venue to ease us back in gently.

Despite the hard work from all of our band members, and the members of local bands that helped us out, our performance wasn’t to the liking of adjudicator, David Hirst’s ear. Out of the 5 bands that competed in the 2nd section, we placed 5th. The adjudication was quite positive and musical director, Kerry Bowden was pleased with what it said.

2013 appears to hold relegation for Cross Keys as we drop back to the 3rd section. We’ve gone through some hard times losing players and struggling to maintain constant faces around the stand, but it was great to end on a high and show that we are still able to compete.

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