Band Withdraws from Swansea

Despite the band’s efforts on Cross Patonce improving over recent weeks, the band has decided regretfully, to withdraw from this year’s Regional Finals in Swansea’s Brangwyn Hall. Withdrawing from any contest is something that no band wants to do, but due to various circumstances it was the only fair choice. The rehearsal time has been far from wasted and has shown that we’re capable of picking up the basics of a particularly difficult piece.

Though the middle of the band is fairly strong, we’ve found ourselves lacking the numbers in the upper and lower sections. It’s clear to see that the front row and the basses are putting in a huge amount off effort to cover for the empty seats, it’s just too much effort for them.

The basses have been covering their two empty seats for some time now and although they’ve done a good job at filling the gaps, but are now starting to feel the pressure of the extra responsibilities.  Meanwhile, the front row has shrunk from three members to two recently after the unfortunate resignation of Steffan Frank. Since then, it’s been even clearer to see the improvement in Kelsey-Jane Vaux and our Principal Cornet, Ellis Davies despite their fairly recent migration from 2nd and 3rd cornet.

By reading this, do not think that Cross Keys Silver Band is fading away. Far from it! The withdrawal from Swansea gives us time to recruit more players and work on a new programme for the busy summer and various contests that we have ahead.

If you’re interested in playing with the band, please get in touch, we don’t bite.


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