Conductors Comments 2011

Musical Director, Kerry Bowden has given an overview of his thoughts over the past year.

Overall, I think that 2011 has been a pretty successful one for the Cross Keys Silver Band. No, we didn’t compete as often as we have in the past, and some of the results were a little disappointing, but considering the upheaval that the band has experienced, I believe that we can feel quite satisfied with what we achieved! On the engagement side of things, the Cardiff Castle contract was a great success, also our foray into Talgarth and Rogerstone. Our commitments to local community projects were well received, and of course the band has already been engaged to play at the 2012 Remembrance Concert, and of course much sooner we are engaged to play at the Rorkes Drift Dinner, I think this is at least our tenth year, and a little later in the year another full season in Cardiff Castle. Obviously, we need to recruit one or two players, which I’m sure we’ll manage, and hopefully we can resume a full contest programme!

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