Conductor’s Comments – 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, and we are on the threshold of 2011, I would like to say a big thank you to you all for all the hard work you have all put in to keep us in the 2nd section, both locally and nationally. It hasn’t always been easy, and we haven’t always had the results we deserved, but we have worked really hard, all of us, and we all deserve a bit of praise and pat on the back.
Obviously, loosing Ade and Mags, was a big blow, also Leonora, but our youngsters, and Steffan have done us really proud, my thanks and appreciation to the four of you!
Then we had Carole with her college course, but in stepped Dai, and then Ian, what a find these two have been, glad to hear Dai is now on the mend, and hopefully we’ll be seeing him and Jane again in the new year. As a deputy, one couldn’t ask better than Mike, and his performance on EEb in Blaenavon was, well what can you say? I could go on naming names, Karla, Pauline, Anne, David, Steve, Richard, Ian, but in all honestly, you’re all winners.
On the admin side, I must thank Mike Gray, Ken and especially Darryl for all your hard work behind the scenes, my henchman Paul, who works really hard as band manager, also Ian Howe, who is doing a good job as band secretary, with , if he doesn’t mind me saying, a bit of guidance, but even so, well done, and thanks for your hard work in getting us all the christmas engagements, it was hard work, and I haven’t got over it yet, but again, well done.
Just to let you know that we’ve received seasons greetings from Martyn and J D, The St Stythians Band and Richard Marshall, Principal Cornet, the Black Dyke Band, (Click on to the Media bar, and listen to a snippet of him playing Carnival of Venice with the Cross Keys Silver Band).
As for 2011, and the future, yes, it’s not going to be easy, but I’m confident that as a unit, and a lot of hard work, we’ll do alright, be confident, I am.
A Happy New Year To You All!
Best wishes,

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