A Second Sinfonietta – Blaenavon Contest

A small dip in concentration caused a domino effect making this morning’s rehearsal of Darrol Barry’s A Salford Sinfonietta” one of the poorest performances the band has given of today’s set test piece. After some words of wisdom from Musical Director, Kerry Bowden and another quick run through the second and third movements saw huge improvements in the quality of playing. Luckily, this all stayed between the four walls of the practice room and the nerves were kept under control during the short journey north.

It’s a shame that there weren’t more than four bands today in the second section to compete against, but starting the section on stage at Blaenavon Workman’s Hall, the band played a good show with only a small amount of uncertainty and seemed to please the adjudicator, Peter Roberts enough to end the day with some happy second place smiles.

Well done to Mike Davies for stepping into an empty Eb Bass seat while Ian Brill kept Mike’s Euphonium seat warm. It was good to see Carole Mellish back on Baritone and a thank you must also go to Margaret Barrett who helped out on 3rd cornet and last but not least, Kelsey-Jane Vaux for staying on stage to help out the second band on their front row. Mixing up the players a little kept everyone on their toes and proved that we can all work together to accomplish greet outcomes.

As the last contest of the year, it’s a good finishing point showing good results, but also leaving room for improvement ready for the 2011 season.

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